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""Art arises with the emotion of the spectator joining that of the photographer."

Fabrice Marangoni

My approach is instinctive, natural. What is important to me is the emotion that my photos can evoke. 

Simple but not simplistic, my photographic work is quite eclectic insofar as in each shot there is a part of my sensitivity. 

My technique must be at the service of emotion. In nature, my technical choices are made quickly, which allows me to remain in this emotion. I also make studio photos, which are more thoughtful and thought out beforehand.

Throughout my photographic career, I have specialized in several themes that you can discover in my portfolio:

Portraits and female nudes
The wildlife
Countryside and travel landscapes

Beside that, I am always curious and open to experience, and I develop new techniques allowing some visual effects using mainly camera settings. 

Enjoy the photographic discovery!

An art photograph is a unique work of art or a limited edition. It represents much more than the sum of the technical details that allowed its author to immortalize a scene. It reflects the sensitivity of the photographer artist, which resonates with the emotion of the viewer who looks at it. 

Photography is an art apart. Indeed, nowadays, taking a picture is within everyone's reach, to keep a memory, to share a moment, in a completely functional way. The artist photographer remains in search of the association of technique and emotion. Thus, he magnifies the scene he captures, it is his gaze that creates the work.

The camera is a very technical object, it allows to offer a great freedom of creation to the photographer. An infinite number of settings are available, to create is also to make a choice! This is how luminosity, the choice of aperture and speed ... become the basic tools for creation.

The photographic work that we buy, offer or receive will always bring us emotions and connect us to an unforgettable moment.

Buying an art photograph is to affirm one's personality, to trust one's intuition, one's feelings. Your choice will testify to your true personality. This is also why in my approach, in the purchase of a unique work, I will discuss with you to propose you the support and the most adequate size of painting. This way you will be part of the creation process of your artwork.

Owning a work of art is also to embellish your interior, to brighten your day. To offer a work of art is to offer a ray of sunshine!

Buying an art photograph is also a committed gesture to allow artists to launch themselves, to live from their passion, to acquire notoriety. And why not see your artwork increase in value over time, become part of your family heritage?

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"The photographer captures a scene,
the spectator revives it under his eyes.

Fabrice Marangoni